IBM’s point of view on Social Business (that’s me, mom)

We initially created this video as part of our Think Academy — a monthly education program that we do virtually for all 400,000+ IBMers on strategic topics like cloud computing, analytics etc. For January’s session, we covered Social Business and the organizers of the program asked me to appear with my colleague Tami Cannizzaro to describe IBM’s point of view on social business. So here you have it — a video initially made just for IBMers, but now we’re using it externally — it’s on YouTube — for example, we played it at my panel discussion with Cheryl Burgess yesterday at IBM Connect.

Mostly publishing stuff elsewhere

I’ve been neglecting my blog…but it’s not for lack of online content creation. Far from it! Here are some links to some articles and podcasts I’ve worked on in recent months for other sites.  I’m having a great time doing it and may ultimately re-post some of it here or revisit some of the topics in greater detail.

For now, the links:

Social media marketing according to Dell, Marketo and yours truly at IBM

I was invited to speak at LinkedIn TechConnect 2012 and they posted the following video of the session I was in moderated by Mike Weir, Head of Category Development, Tech Sector, Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn and featuring Rishi Dave, Executive Director, Enterprise Solutions & Business Digital Marketing, Dell and Maria Pergolino, Senior Director of Marketing, Marketo.

Apologies in advance for the form (looks like LinkedIn may be harvesting some email here…no doubt well worth it!)

What if you were launching “Anonymous Business” instead of Social Business?

Anonymous business anyone?

When it comes to making the enterprise workplace more digital and social, I don’t think we’ve made it clear enough what behaviors are expected around the roll-out of just about any kind of interactions in digital media…we’ve relied too heavily on institutional inertia which has a kind of gravity towards the lowest common denominator in many cases.

What if you were launching something called “Anonymous Business” instead of social business?  What would you do…activate evangelists and coaches and create online tutorials about how to be anonymous and and antisocial while at work?
“Top tips for ignoring your colleagues’ contributions”
“Six easy steps to sending emails from system IDs with incomprehensible instructions”
My point with the silly example is that in absence of definitive behavioral signposts, you have essentially done the alternative.

Meanwhile, there are alternatives…though we haven’t really made it happen yet.  I remember someone telling me about a sign that was up (may still be) in every single Intel meeting room, including the board room, that listed steps for productive meetings (a bit of googling and here’s a link)  Talk about pervasive, contextual cultural signals!  Can you do something like that in the context of your company’s digital toolset? Not just offer how-to instructions, but cultural signposts as well?

We’ve applied some light gameification to some of our how-to guides and enablement materials for the adoption of social business tools and platforms.  It’s not much a cultural signpost yet, but I think there’s potential.

Does anyone have examples of behavioral signposts in the context of digital systems?