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#Essentialreading for the week: http://o

#Essentialreading for the week: DOOMSDAY PREP FOR THE SUPER-RICH Fascinating how the “smart money” think. The article repudiates their escapism but the critique is far too gentle; the gazillionaires who profited from polarizing the world, co-opting our desires and weaknesses and selling us stupid digital baubles should be accountable for its future.

“Dents in the universe are only observa

“Dents in the universe are only observable after they have occurred; this is why their continued creation is best induced by the establishment of conditions in which risk-taking and experimentation are rewarded.” Ben Thompson #stratechery

One of the most grounding articles on th

New Year’s Video Resolution

No, I’m not talking about 1080p or super HD….I’m talking about my New Year’s resolution  to start each day with a viewing of the Johnny Depp/ Amber Heard apology from April 2016. I just watched again and find myself revitalized, more focused and just — I don’t know — more #authentic.

The video just somehow captures it all for me and sets the tone for what 2017 will be all about.

Essential reading for anxious freedom-lo

I’m listening to these two albums pretty much exclusively right now

Video: Tech’s Role in the Merger of Comms and Marketing

11-17-2016-1-06-25-pmJustin Tobin (founder of DDG) and I spoke together at iMedia in Santa Barbara last month — it was really fun to prep for it with him and think through some of the ideas we’d discuss. The iMedia crowd are concerned with the state of marketing, advertising, communications and customer/product experience. For this talk, Justin and I contemplated what is happening within organizations as the distinction between “Marketing” as a department and “Communications” as a department deteriorates largely because of disruption to their internal business models. This change — which manifests in the perceptions of our stakeholders and the experiences of our customers and employees — will drive some big decisions for those who have responsibility for organizational reputation and brand.

Here’s the video…

Can’t get enough of David Schur’s album, “Cloudy Eye”

Ethan’s tips for long-haul travel

sleepy_ethanBefore you go:

  • Start adjusting to the local time in your destination a few days early by time-shifting your schedule a little (e.g. get up a couple hours early/go to bed a couple hours early etc to get your body-clock closer to the destination time zone.)
  • Use Ambien or other prescription sleep meds — but sparingly. Essentially you want to use it to help with the prior point. When you are on the plane, take it at “night” relative to your destination time so you can sleep on the local schedule. When you arrive, take it at night so you can stay asleep when you go to bed.
  • Put your watch, iPad, iPhone etc on the destination time as soon as you board the airplane.

On the plane:

  • Dress for sleep on long haul flights. Wear super comfy clothes on the plane and bring a change of clothes with you. Layers are essential. I wear sweat pants and a hoody and I bring extra socks. Even better if you can have zippered pockets to put your passport etc in so you don’t have to stress about losing them.
  • Wear noise cancelling headphone on the plane. I have a pair of Naztech i9 headphones and some earbud-style Phiaton ones too (no longer available, but Phiaton have new ones that look even better). Both are great and affordable (under $100). I like both of these bc they are wireless, but you can also plug in a cable if the battery gets too low.
  • Bring a neck pillow, eye mask and earplugs for the plane.
  • Avoid coffee on the plane altogether and drink moderately. If you’ve taken a sleeping pill, you probably won’t need any booze other than a glass of red with your meal or you will be zombified. Coffee and booze don’t do much for your physical well-being at altitude anyway.
  • Take your shoes off while you fly.
  • Bring your toothbrush and toothpaste on the plane — when you get the “we are landing in 20 minutes” announcement, go brush your teeth, wash your face etc. It just helps (and your travel mates will appreciate it too. Natch.)

When you land/layover:

  • If you have a layover, seek out a shower (e.g. the flights to Bangalore from NY stops in Paris or Frankfurt — both airports have lounges with showers). In fact, many airports have a lounge with a shower — they are worth it even if it seems a bit expensive. Having a shower en route sort of resets your clock. You will arrive much less travel-weary. Good to change clothes at this point too if you can.
  • When you arrive, get to the gym. Even if you only go on the elliptical or whatever for 20 mins; do it.
  • Make yourself get onto the local time immediately. Don’t nap when you arrive. If you absolutely must nap, take no more than a power nap (under an hour…and twenty minutes is best.)
  • Sunlight is essential. During waking hours, avoid rooms without windows, open the shades etc. Your body will respond to sun and your circadian rhythms will adapt. Also, you will get a tan. But wear sunblock. (Ok, I’m a dad.)
  • Drink espresso! (But just have one or two in the morning and one in the afternoon. No later than 4pm.)

When you come home:

  • Don’t kvetch about how tired you are — it will make you more tired. It will also make you tiresome 🙂

NYC food recommendations

I sent this as an email to a Londoner colleague of mine at Bloomberg here in NYC and figured I’d post it to the interwebs because #reasons. It’s not a list of my fave places — just a list of some places that’d be fun to hit up (I was asked for recs on Friday afternoon, so….)

Freeman’s — this is one of my favorite places in the city — used to be ‘secret’ and have celebs all the time but has calmed down now — hard to land a seat w/out a res but they will sneak you in. Very nice cocktails, inventive cuisine.

Grape and grain — gastropub, very small and very good. They also own the place next door, which is more focused on beers, I think.
Li’l Frankie’s — Amazing scene, amazing food. They do seatings by the hour and I don’t think they take reservations. So part of the fun is standing around in the super-cozy bar area having drinks before dinner. Easy to strike up conversaitons with other folks waiting. Convivial.
Corner Bistro — the seminal NY burger place in a wonderful neighborhood for a stroll (West Village)

Old Town — Lots of firemen, police and other folks of that ilk at happy hour, real NY. Great burgers and very inexpensive. Also, right by Union Square (which is the gate way to both East and West Village.)
Balthazar — Definitely put this on your brunch list, but dinner too. I have been seated next to celebrities several times. The classic NY/French place. This is where my wife and I like to go most in NY, I think, but that’s bc we’re both kinda francophiles. Their baked goods are insane.
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