Facebook Live Wrap-up of #PageUp17

I had the pleasure of attending this year’s annual conference for Page Up in Washington D.C. this week; my fellow Operating Committee member and great friend, Stacey Bailey and I did a Facebook Live wrap up following the event. We tried to capture some of the stand-out insights and highlights of the conference, whose agenda is here and more about Page Up here.


Ethan in the news

newsSerendipitously, two things appeared in the news this week on the same day related to my work. The first is an article I submitted to the Institute for Public Relations a couple months ago. They’d asked me to write a few articles for them late last year; this is the second. “Don’t Measure Internal Communications


The second is a recap from an event at which I spoke for PR Week — it is a teaser for a full-length article about my talk that will go up in the next print edition of the magazine. “Analytics in Action: Measurement with Meaning


Both are based on work I’ve been doing at Bloomberg and stuff I learned from my time at IBM. I’m really happy that some of the strategic work I’ve done for these firms is finding an interested audience outside of the company — and really happy that Bloomberg has encouraged me to share.

If you are moved to do so, please pass along the links to anyone you know who might be interested.

The Power of Paper

Many people will tell you otherwise, but if you really want to enhance your credibility as a consultant on all things digital communications, just hold a giant piece of paper in your hand. True story. It works!

I tried it while moderating a panel on employee activism at the 2017 Arthur Page Society Spring Seminar.

Pretty legit, right?


More importantly, I got to talk with three incredibly interesting people: Heide Gardner, Dawn Lyon, and Tracy Chou. Here’s the session description:

The focus of this conversation will be to understand how employees are activating change within their companies and what leaders can do to work with them more effectively. We will explore questions such as: What is employee activism? How do you identify and work with employee activists? What are the advantages for organizations that proactively work with their employee activists? Page Up Member, Ethan McCarty, will moderate a panel with Tracy Chou, co-founder of Project Include who will discuss her role as an employee activist when she was with Pinterest. They will be joined by Dawn Lyon who will explain how Glassdoor encourages companies to make changes in their workplaces and share research on what today’s employees want most. Heide Gardner of Interpublic will describe her extensive experiences with multi-cultural Employee Resource Groups.