One thought on “Listening – the Key to Activate Employee Engagement

  1. One more thing. Channels are getting pretty disposable, yet a lot of IC seems to follow a set channel strategy, which inhibits responsiveness. Listening yes, but then segmenting it by ‘persona’, so you know what groups are getting what messages, and where.

    The opportunity for Employee Comminications to create and nurture tribes within the enterprise is huge, but for that o work, we need a shift from reporting and targeting with on employee data and org structure, to one where targeting can occur based on interests, goals and values.

    Younger employees actually WANT this, and it could be a huge engagement driver for them. They didn’t grow up ‘taking the New York Times’, they don’t have a channel loyalty, they want hyper relevant ‘pico channels’ that they will use and lose as they see fit.

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