Your liberal arts degree won’t save you

Image result for friendly robot bookSo robots finally surpassed humans at reading. For those of us with creative writing, English or journalism degrees, this is should be a wake up call. I clearly remember sitting thinking (in my office at IBM’s Watson research lab, no less!) “Oh well, AI is so far off for anything that has to do with writing and reading — the mind will be more art than science for decades.” Well, that was about 15 years ago, so….close?

Read: Microsoft and Alibaba AI programs beat humans in Stanford reading comprehension test for 1st time

In a vast and complex reading comprehension test, “Microsoft’s score of 82.6 and Alibaba’s grade of 82.4 beat out the human standard of 82.3. ”

Watch your six, creative types!

2 thoughts on “Your liberal arts degree won’t save you

  1. This will be so wonderful. Just think of all the stuff you won’t have to read, but some application will do it for you! It has the possibility to deliver the ULTIMATE in content federation..

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