Employee activation, digital disruption and measuring the unmeasurable

Image result for ee voice podcastSharon McIntosh, Sharon Phillips and I talked last week about the pressures on companies to communicate differently with employees in an era of intentionally itinerant workforces whose networks may be more powerful than those of the companies in which they work. Here’s a link to the podcast.



Ethan McCarty can freak you out, particularly if you’re an internal communications professional. For example, he recently wrote a blog entitled, “Don’t Measure Internal Communications.”

Wait … what?

And when I heard him speak at a Poppulo conference last summer, I knew he’d be a terrific EE Voice guest. Because he’s doing some definitively measurable work as Global Head of Employee and Innovation Communications for Bloomberg. He didn’t disappoint.

Some of the arresting topics we discuss:

Internal communications vs. employee communications
How to balance transparency and integrity
The importance of measuring behaviors over awareness
The need for agility in digital transformations (and why Ethan is SCRUM-certified)
Why we might want to look at a three-month plan instead of a three-year plan
And much more.

You can follow Ethan on Twitter, @ethanmcc, and read his blog, where he writes “intermittently but with gusto” at http://www.ethanmccarty.com.

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