NYC food recommendations

I sent this as an email to a Londoner colleague of mine at Bloomberg here in NYC and figured I’d post it to the interwebs because #reasons. It’s not a list of my fave places — just a list of some places that’d be fun to hit up (I was asked for recs on Friday afternoon, so….)

Freeman’s — this is one of my favorite places in the city — used to be ‘secret’ and have celebs all the time but has calmed down now — hard to land a seat w/out a res but they will sneak you in. Very nice cocktails, inventive cuisine.

Grape and grain — gastropub, very small and very good. They also own the place next door, which is more focused on beers, I think.
Li’l Frankie’s — Amazing scene, amazing food. They do seatings by the hour and I don’t think they take reservations. So part of the fun is standing around in the super-cozy bar area having drinks before dinner. Easy to strike up conversaitons with other folks waiting. Convivial.
Corner Bistro — the seminal NY burger place in a wonderful neighborhood for a stroll (West Village)

Old Town — Lots of firemen, police and other folks of that ilk at happy hour, real NY. Great burgers and very inexpensive. Also, right by Union Square (which is the gate way to both East and West Village.)
Balthazar — Definitely put this on your brunch list, but dinner too. I have been seated next to celebrities several times. The classic NY/French place. This is where my wife and I like to go most in NY, I think, but that’s bc we’re both kinda francophiles. Their baked goods are insane.