Revolution Radio gets coveted “Four Buns” from McCarty boys

For the past couple days I’ve been listening to Green Day’s new album, Revolution Radio. I’ll admit that I came late to appreciating Green Day — it wasn’t until American Idiot came out that I understood these guys as pop geniuses. That was a huge album on the scale of The Wall in terms of theme, production and enduring power. It’s no wonder there are musicals, movies and more in the works. Is Revolution Radio the same caliber? Absolutely not. But it’s a solid pop album with significantly more depth than what you would expect to find coming out of a punky pop (poppy punk?) band. Most important, my boys and I have had a whole heap of fun with our daily early morning slam-dance fests while spinning the new album. And super-fun-slamming to thumping rock and roll is exactly what an album like this should inspire.

*Hat tip to Steven Fritz for inspiring the new buns-based rating system.