Ugly Indian? Actually, quite beautful.

Ethan McCarty of IBM with some of the IBMers who cleaned up Bangalore with the "Ugly Indian" projectSo as I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I planned to visit India and, well, here I am in Bangalore.  Today I spoke at AdTech about the emergent conflict between individual and organizational values that is brought into an acute state due to nearly-ubiquitous participation in social media.  I’ll share my slides and notes etc from the conference later (basically, I think the companies that crack the challenge of aligning their organizational values with the values of their employees will have a competitive advantage….and that we digital marketers have a special responsibility since we are literally creating the digital, social human experience.)

But in the meantime I just wanted to post one more time about the “Ugly Indian” video — primarily because I think it is a fantastic demonstration of good people doing good things, but secondarily because it underscores my point that a company can gain a competitive brand advantage when by aligning its values to those of the people working for it.  At the end of the day, this is a video made for very little cost that has earned more than 176,000 views in a mere three weeks…not to mention nearly two hundred comments (almost universally positive.)

Third, and certainly not least, I had the privilege of meeting some of my IBM colleagues who participated and organized the cleanup.  They are heroes to me.

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  1. Great video – shows what can be done when we all pull together – am sure the team got a great buzz from it as well in working together and reaching an outcome in just 2 hours that is so visible to all – well done

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