>My new job: Digital Expertise Enablement

>I haven’t been writing much, but that’s because I’ve been busy as all get out! Along with getting married, going on a honeymoon in Turkey, and moving back to Brooklyn….I have a new job at IBM. I’m starting a new department within the Digital Strategy group called ‘Digital Expertise Enablement.’ The term ‘expertise’ is a bit of a double entendre here…on the one hand, I’m own a software development and business management project designed to identify and cultivate IBM expert and display them in digital contexts; on the other hand I own a program designed to increase my global team’s digital marketing acumen through a series of workshops, materials and support activities. Whew! That is some mega-buzzword-ology. But that’s how it goes in the hi-tech world.

The nice thing is that, by contrast to the intranet and Internal Communications work I’ve been doing at IBM for the past ten years, there’s more I can talk about publicly. Not that most of what I was working on was secret; it was just behind IBM’s firewall.

For example, you can see an early iteration of the IBM experts we’ve surfaced on this smarter planet page. We have more sophisticated designs and methods for doing this coming soon.

As for the other project — the digital strategy workshops — you can see some photos from my most recent trip to China last week. Overall, I was very happy with how it turned out. The China team seems enthusiastic about implementing the digital planning model — and they’re already doing very cool stuff with digital.

China Digital Lab / Workshop

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  1. >Hi Ethan,Congratulations on your new role(s) in Personal and Professional fronts.I am excited to see more updates in Digital Expertise Enablement Name itself is very jazzy.Are you going to take IBMr (IBM Reputation tool) to next level? I felt its great tool to leverage.Keep us updated, looking forward to seeing you.

  2. >First of all, it was a pleasure meeting you this last weekend.The expert locator project is both ambitious and exciting. Looking forward to working with you

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