>Financial results and intranet editorial

>A month or so ago I presented at two different conferences in Philadelphia — the J. Boye conference and the Council for Communications Management annual meeting. I met great people at both events and a had a good time presenting. It’s always fun to show off your work (or well, I find it fun anyway) to an engaged audience. and I got to ride Amtrak, which was fun too.

Anyway, the first presentation has the startling thesis that the way you manage your editorial team directly correlates with the kind of content you will have on your intranet. We have chosen, at IBM, to take a community approach to content management and have been able to scale the number of publishers to the thousands and have reached record levels of employee engagement (many of our articles will have, for example, lively discussions appended to the bottom of them and readers freely tag the content and rate it etc.)

The second presentation i an overview of financial reporting to employees. Again, a startling thesis: I believe companies should communicate and contextualize their financial results for their employees, which means doing more than posting the press release on the intranet (though that’s a good start.)

So there you have it. A couple presentations for ya. Enjoy.