>RE: What Social Media Will Look Like in 2012

>My friend Naomi Gilbert sent me a link to AdvertisingAge’s What Social Media Will Look Like in 2012. Not very controversial or mind-blowing predictions, but then again, the horizon that the author is talking about is pretty near (20 months.) Not sure I buy it on the googlewave thing…though that could come true if the google just starts integrating wave functionality into its email platform rather than asking people to migrate (they are already doing this, see: buzz.) The privacy piece is troubling for a number of reasons, but also a bit unrealistically gushing — there are places in the world that privacy laws are much, much more strict than America’s. The author is projecting a pretty American point of view (tho I don’t know where he hails from). These laws are not going to change in a 20 month timeframe to accommodate even the most enthusiastic digital marketers. But it’s true that they will change (when enough companies in those markets lobby for new laws because they begin to feel that they are operating at a disadvantage compared to companies in markets with more liberalized privacy laws.) Or maybe we will be surprised and citizens will realize that trading your privacy for $0.10 worth of free hosting and a little bit of amusing code isn’t actually a good deal.