>City of brotherly love…and intranets

>I’m doing two presentations in Philadelphia next month. The first will be at Janus Boye’s conference on May, 6th. My spiel there will be called “Editorial or social media? Both!” Let’s pretend for a moment you’re riveted by this catchy title…lemme explain: most intranet content is driven by the need of the publisher (typically organizational announcements, executive stuff etc), but it doesn’t have to be stiff and, in fact, integrating social media into the editorial can help employees find others with similar interest, get excited about their work and learn how to be better at what they do. I’ve been working on methods for doing this in a way that doesn’t cause the organizational culture to self-destruct for a while and have a team of people I work with at IBM who re doing really nice work integrating social into editorial — something that many external publications do too. It’s clear to me that just because employees are “stuck” inside the firewall for most of the day doesn’t mean yesterday’s broadcast-oriented publishing models will work. Anyway.

The second spiel I’m doing is the following day at the Council for Communication Management’s 2010 conference. I’m going to give a bit of an overview of how IBM’s intranet editorial team is structured (yes, I’ll be borrowing from my own pitch from the day prior)and then focus on the way we communicate financial performance to employees. Sounds boring, but I’ll try to liven it up with some music and dance. Kidding. Maybe.