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Leaving IBM for a new adventure

So yesterday was my last day at IBM… Here’s the note I sent to my colleagues.

Subject: So long (for now)

Friends and Colleagues,

After thirteen challenging, rewarding, meaningful years, today is my last day at IBM. I am going to Bloomberg as the Global Head of Internal Communications.

I have worked on amazing projects and programs at IBM — building IBM Research’s digital communications system, launching Autonomic Computing (!), developing and facilitating the Jams, producing the Annual Report, introducing Smarter Planet, personalizing, socializing and democratizing our Intranet, growing our Alumni network, celebrating our Centennial, creating our digital strategy and our Social Media strategy and, last but certainly not least, launching the M&C Labs.

When I told a mentor that I was leaving, he said something that really stuck with me: you are starting to ask questions of yourself now that IBM cannot answer. I think the biggest one is, of course, can I do great things outside of IBM?

At Bloomberg I will be at the crossroads of financial services, media, technology and even politics — the very things that make New York City such an exciting place to live. The company has a very strong and unique culture (and concomitant zaniness too, no doubt) and it is going through an exciting moment — its founder’s return, a massive expansion of the employee population, expansion of the core terminals business into adjacent industries, the very exciting and deliberate expansion of the media and news business — that will make a compelling challenge for me as I build their Internal Communications capability. I aim to apply much of what I have learned from IBM to Bloomberg’s CEO’s quest for a more cohesive identity and narrative for Bloomberg employees.

So I am excited to test my mettle outside of IBM — and nervous too: IBM is like my home town and leaving is scary. Yet I feel very good about the work I’ve done with all of you and the network of relationships I have through IBM. Looking back at my time at IBM, the massively overwhelming feeling is that it has been time very, very meaningfully and well spent. And I have you, my fellow IBMers, to thank for this.

I am hopeful for IBM and all my IBM friends — the company is on the precipice of a set of changes that will be super interesting, challenging and mind-expanding. You can feel the engines revving up for a course-change. And I will be rooting for you to make it in grand style (and not just as a shareholder.)

Because I will always be an IBMer; I feel as though I have a tattoo on my heart in blue ink — it’s the eight bar logo, of course.

Cheers, Ethan


Live (sorta!) from IBM Connect

It was really fun and interesting to have a chance to talk with Cheryl Burgess (@CKBurgess) at IBM’s annual confab on the topic of social business: IBM Connect.  The conference had many, many great talks — alas, I only got to be there for a day and most of that was hustling to do my talk.

You should check out Cheryl’s detailed write up here, but in the meantime, you can watch the video here:

IBM’s point of view on Social Business (that’s me, mom)

We initially created this video as part of our Think Academy — a monthly education program that we do virtually for all 400,000+ IBMers on strategic topics like cloud computing, analytics etc. For January’s session, we covered Social Business and the organizers of the program asked me to appear with my colleague Tami Cannizzaro to describe IBM’s point of view on social business. So here you have it — a video initially made just for IBMers, but now we’re using it externally — it’s on YouTube — for example, we played it at my panel discussion with Cheryl Burgess yesterday at IBM Connect.

Mostly publishing stuff elsewhere

I’ve been neglecting my blog…but it’s not for lack of online content creation. Far from it! Here are some links to some articles and podcasts I’ve worked on in recent months for other sites.  I’m having a great time doing it and may ultimately re-post some of it here or revisit some of the topics in greater detail.

For now, the links:

Ever Onward: Social media enablement from the early days

A few years ago when my team and I were getting super excited about podcasting (gosh, this must have been like 6 or 7 years ago now that I think about it) we realized that we and our other podcasting pals at IBM needed good intro, outtro and music-bed tracks for our IBM podcasts.  So we did a remix of IBM’s rally song from the 1930’s, Ever Onward (original lyrics and music; playable file from 1930s).

We did four mixes…a “corporate” mix which we wanted to sounded newsy, a “warm” mix which we wanted to sound folksy, a “rock” mix we wanted to sound energetic and an embarrassingly named “techno” mix that we wanted to sound, uh, techy.

Say what you will about the titles of the remixes, they were popular! The files were downloaded more than 15,000 from IBM’s intranet and used many, many thousands of times again in podcasts, live employee events, video podcasts and a zillion other contexts. We had negotiated a novel contract with the producer that would allow us to use them as we saw fit with the exception of advertising…this was pretty cutting edge, I think, for the time and allowed IBMers from all around the world to have professional-sounding audio branding for their podcasts without having to negotiate individual licenses.

Anyway, that’s an example of early-days social media enablement for the enterprise that I am pretty happy to have been a part of here at IBM :-)

Curated collections for engaged employees

Random thought for today…I really, really like the notion of curated collections — lots of stuff goes in this category…from Pinterest Boards about tats to recent articles in the NY Times. I think it is a powerful indicator of expertise and something people naturally do on the web. The first ‘web sites’ I ever saw were lists of links to meaningful stuff (from that individual’s perspective) typically organized by category.  That gave birth to the homepage.

But the instinct goes way deeper than that just being a fan (or even a fanboy) of something — collecting is a human habit and, in the context of social media communications and marketing, can be a powerful indicator of expertise as well as a wonderful way to channel a natural, social behavior into a productive means to render implicit organizational knowledge explicit.

What I am thinking of in particular is that making it easy for people in your organization to create, display and share collections of links to things they find meaningful can be a powerful way to engage the workforce. It gives a context for them to to enjoy their competence, which is a very important dimension of doing meaningful work. 

We’ve done some experiments at IBM in this area — some of which have turned into product features, like social bookmarking — that have yielded promising results.  People like to create useful categories of stuff and show them off…and seeing what other people have collected, gives insight not only into who they are, but what kind of world they want to create.

IBM slides from SXSW 2013

Somehow I forgot to post these here despite having uploaded them ages ago to Slideshare.  Oh well, here are my slides from the keynote I did at the OMMA track of SXSW earlier this year.


<div style=”margin-bottom:5px”> <strong> <a href=”; title=”Enterprise transformation through social media” target=”_blank”>Enterprise transformation through social media</a> </strong> from <strong><a href=”; target=”_blank”>Ethan McCarty</a></strong> </div>

IBM On Brand

Jon Iwata lays out the logic and emotion of IBM’s brand in a tidy two minutes.  Worth watching. And rewatching.

<p><a href=”″>“IBM on Brand” by Jon Iwata</a> from <a href=””>VSA Partners</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Social Business presentation

I keep meaning to share this presentation about social business that I did at Ragan‘s event late last year…

<div style=”margin-bottom:5px”> <strong> <a href=”; title=”Social Business @ IBM” target=”_blank”>Social Business @ IBM</a> </strong> from <strong><a href=”; target=”_blank”>Ethan McCarty</a></strong> </div>

To all of @IBM’s community managers…a

To all of @IBM’s community managers…and community managers worldwide: Thank you for being the internet’s connective tissue! #CMAD


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